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  • Todd Camplin published a detailed review of this show on his June 2015  Todd Camplin Weekly...  column at the ModernDallas.net online magazine.  He wrote: "....Orna Feinstein is reason enough to go out of your way, because her work engages the eye like no other artist. Well, I say that, but she comes out of a rich tradition of artists that have played with the eye. Op artists Yaacov Agam and Victor Vasarely have great influence on her work, but I think Feinstein takes this mode of visual experimentation and furthers the conversationby layering, cutting, sewing, and working on Plexiglas...".

  • A preview by Michael Granberry titled Artist Orna Feinstein Traces the Change in her Work to Texas appeared on March 21, 2015 at the Dalls Morning News.  

  • Prior to the  "Slice by Slice" solo exhibtion at Anya Tish Gallery in Houston, an interview with the artist  by Casey Gregory of Arts + Culture was published on Feb 05, 2015. 

  • A review of the"BREAKUP - Pixels, Particles, Fragments", a group exhibition at James Gallery in Pittsburgh by Kurt Shaw appeared on October 15, 2014 at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

  • Rich Lopez, of the Midland Reporter-Telegram  wrote: "...With her ultra-cool printmaking techniques, Feinstein's work in 'Now and Zen: 15 Years of Printmaking' is not only art on display, but it's also a magical trip where he works appear and disappear in front of your eyes". The article includes tips and special insight to Feinstein's work by Brian Lee Whisenhunt, the director of the Museum of the Southwest, and by the curator Wendy Earle.

  • In the Jewish Herald-Voice "Orna Feinstein Retrospective tours Texas", Aaron Howard wrote: "...Approximately 30 Feinstein pieces will tour in her retrospective exhibition “Now and Zen – Fifteen Years of Contemporary Printmaking.” The exhibition includes earlier prints on paper from the Rings Series as well as newer prints on fabric and plexiglass, sculptures and installations. The exhibition will travel to several museums in Texas from fall 2014 until spring 2016."

  • In the October 2012 HoustonPress article "Translucent 3-D Magic at Anya Tish Gallery", Meredith Deliso wrote: "...Feinstein creates an almost "Magic Eye" effect with her Tree Dynamics series -- layered pieces of fabric, paper and monoprint on plexi that radiate orbs meant to represent the concentric circles of tree rings."

  • Senior editor Molly Glentzer of the Houston Chronicle reviewed the Multi-Librium exhibition at Box13 ArtSpace on July 21, 2012. The article "Seed of an idea grew into Multi-Librium" was published in the Saturday STAR section of the paper.


"...Every spare moment has gone toward cultivating a garden of recycled art-gallery invitations - about 10,000 of them, sewn into organic shapes and combined so they mimic flowers, leaves, trees and even a fountain."

"...The swirling forms of the installation, viewed from above, also mimic images you might see of plant cells under the microscope."

News and Interviews

Orna Feinstein In Times Square

Orna's work was shown at Time Square in New York on the electronic Reuters Sign Board on 5/6/10 at 7:53 am and 5/7/10 at 4:28 pm. The caption on the sign board above the image reads: "Science Inspired, Rings Installation # 1 monoprint by artist Orna Feinstein". Please click here to view the displayed image.